The DaVinci Code

The great Italian thinker Leonardo DaVinci has always been known and revered for his creative genius and technical prowess. Always using both hemispheres of his brain in harmony, he created, inspired, innovated and pushed the limits of the imagination. His fascination for flying sparked a revolution of his era’s way of thinking.

Following DaVinci’s path, Plane&Simple Solutions offers you an innovative approach, using creativity and technology together to promote the innate grace and beauty of aviation and airplanes. We provide quality media solutions that will truly appeal to prospective clients or buyers by showing them the true romance of flying. Because every flight is a fairytale, we show them what their story could be like on your airplanes.

Plane&Simple also a fresh approach to human interaction in the cockpit, giving a new perspective to pilots that allows them a safer and more efficient operation. As the DaVinci of old, we understand that innovation and technology also offers cultural and human challenges.

The engine is the heart of an aeroplane, but the pilot is its soul.  — Sir Walter Alexander Raleigh, official historian of the RAF