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Jean Denis Marcellin is a professional pilot who dedicates his free time to promoting Aviation and, more particularly, specializes in CRM through the proper understanding of the Human Factor and Leadership in the cockpit. He is the author of The Pilot Factor: A fresh look into CRM, and also the founder and President of Plane&Simple Solutions.

Aircraft Photography & Video: Cessna TTX

Airplane photography and video portfolio
Cessna TTX

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Aircraft Photography & Video: Citation 560 Excel

Airplane photography and video portfolio
Citation 560 Excel

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Aircraft Photography & Video: Learjet 40XR

Airplane photography and video portfolio
Learjet 40XR

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Aircraft Photography & Video: Challenger 601

Airplane photography and video portfolio
Challenger 601

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Aircraft Photography & Video: Gulfstream G200

Airplane photography and video portfolio
Gulfstream G200

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Aircraft Photography & Video: Cessna Citation VII

Airplane photography and video portfolio


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Guest Post: Disciples of Flight

When I was a young man my father taught me to hunt and fish. I loved the outdoors and spent nearly every hour of each day thinking about stalking a deer on the opening day of the hunt or pulling a big trout from my favorite hole. I learned to tie flies, reload bullets and […]

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Taking the “Passion” out of Compassion: Can pilots take the Human Factors out of the Human?

"As scores of citizens and neighbours crowded onto Balsam Street North to watch and stare, Timmins firefighters and paramedics rescued a city boy from underneath a compact vehicle Sunday around 2:35 p.m. [...] [...] The cyclist suffered very serious internal injuries and was taken to the Timmins & District Hospital and subsequently transported to a Toronto area hospital for treatment of his injuries. The bat-phone ring resounded throughout the whole base hangar a little after 18h... Dispatch had a call for us. Although not too many details were provided at first, the urgency could be heard in the voice of our planner as we informed her that the weather in Toronto was sufficient for us to go and informed us of the verdict: The trip is a go, you guys are going to end your shift in Toronto. At first, the frustration sets in. Why us? Why not wait a little bit more and have our night shift pilots complete this call? The answer quickly came as the phone rang again, and our dispatcher provided a little inside scoop on what was really going on..

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TEAM Success: The Super-Hero Syndrome

A Superhero’s Challenge
“Loki: What have I to fear?”
“Tony Stark: The Avengers. It’s what we call ourselves. Sorta like a team. Earth’s Mightiest Heroes type thing.”
“Loki: Yes. I’ve met them”
“Tony Stark: Yeah, takes us a while to get any traction I’ll give you that one. But let’s do a head count here. Your brother, the demigod. […]

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TEAM Review: The secrets and benefits of debriefing

Or: The art of gaining experience through the strategic review and debrief of past events
Every flight student has those painfully vivid memories of certain points in time during their training. They cringe when retelling the story of their first “wheelbarrow” landing, or smile proudly at the recollection of a rather well-executed full instrument approach. To […]

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