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Let us provide you with a fresh human factors program that will enable higher team operational efficiency and safety.

“This is a must-read for every pilot, beginning or experienced, and should be added to every flight bag.”

-Karlene Petitt (Best Selling Author, Airline Pilot, Aviation Safety PhD)

A new look on CRM

“THE PILOT FACTOR” is now available as an eBook and Paperback, and our team will be available to come train with crews under a tailored curriculum that will fit YOUR needs in human factor and CRM training.

When all else has failed, you need The T.E.A.M.!  This new approach to Crew Resource Management will empower your team to achieve a new level of safety and efficiency by learning those key skills:

Communication is the key and base to an efficient and safe operation. Discover the importance of “Emotional IQ” and understand how the different communication styles can affect your team’s ability to work well together.
Some leaders are born that way, some leaders are made. But sometimes, an airplane needs to be properly managed rather than lead. Learn the differences and the tools that can help you promote the right results
Knowledge can be taught, but experience only comes with time. Let us train your team and teach them how to warp time in their favor and acquire priceless experience through techniques such as debriefing
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“It is possible to fly without motors, but not without knowledge and skill.”
— Wilbur Wright

The Pilot Factor is available as a turn-key PowerPoint presentation, tailored to airline standards yet teachable to new pilots as well. Full of multi-media rich content, it also comes with teaching notes to help any facilitator present the content with ease.

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Crew Resource Management and Human Factors PowerPoint Course
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Do you want to help the revolution?

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